Have you ever built an “ARK”? An Act of Random Kindness

We are living in a pitiful world. Poverty, hunger, spread of diseases, terrorism, and rumors of war are what we are facing right now. There are many people who experiences poverty, especially those people in the third-world countries. You know, poverty leads to hunger and hunger leads to spread of diseases. In another part, terrorism leads to war. Now you’re thinking or maybe you’re asking. What is the connection of this to my title? Keep on reading! But if you want to go and felt bored about this, you are free to leave.

To continue, because of the problem that the world has, we feel less secure, and we keep on thinking that there are no good people left. You may think that maybe yes, there are still good people but I’m sure you’ll say that they are hard to find. But you know what? A person can find kindness to people if you just simply look at them hard enough. For me, there is no such a thing as bad people. Everyone has kindness inside them.

Well, if you think all the people around you are bad and have been corrupted by evil, why don’t you change your mindset? Why not try to look for their good side instead of their bad side? Or maybe just start with yourself. Try showing kindness to anyone by simply helping others. Like maybe, if you see an old lady crossing the street, why not try to help her? Or just simply smile to a stranger. You see my point? If we keep doing this maybe we as an individual can leave an impact to a certain person. With a simple gesture and a simple act of kindness, we can change the world. You’ll never know that maybe you have been the reason why this we call pitiful world has been a beautiful world.

As I end this article, I want you guys to watch these two inspiring films. I hope you’ll be inspired too.

This short video is about a guy who helped a thief, see what happens next.

The next video is about a guy who has been kind to others, be inspired with his story.

Have you been inspired by these videos? There are still people like this and this could be you. Again, before I end this, I would like to ask you. Have you ever built an ARK?