How to stop smoking and do something else with your hands

I’m trying to quit smoking but I can’t. It’s hard. I am a writer and being a writer is stressful. But your article is inspiring! ūüôā I’ll really try to quit!

burns the fire


I drop to my knees, ejaculating on the planks of my fortune, and exhale. I am breathing again, alive, electrified roots singing, man, singing, man, sweet angel of merciless shock, singing, this is better than anything, take everything, everything I have, everything I am, just do not touch this moment of bliss.

I was in my early twenties, a blooming writer with an oral fixation. After sexing up the page with a literary ode to the nicotine fix coupled with the rigours of a coughing fit, it hit me that it was time for me to get smart, off my knees, and while still young, my fellow smokers, try to quit.

gauloise-caporal-937077925_MLLater that evening, I was deep-throating a Gauloise in the park, contemplating the masterpiece I had yet to write, when my pal Mark told me he’d jump into the freezing pond if I would dump my snotty French cigs forever that very moment, that…

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